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UFC 107 Results: Stefan Struve Defeats Paul Buentello Via Majority Decision

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This is Buentello's first fight in the UFC in four years and he's taking on up and comer Stefan Struve.  The fight begins and Buentello looks to press the action.  They trade kicks and punches and clinch against the cage.  Struve jumps and pulls guard unsucessfully.  Struve with a HUGE uppercut.  Struve clinches and takes Buentello down and mounts him and now takes his back.  Struve with a body triangle.  Struve goes for the rear naked choke but Buentello is defending well.  Buentello defending the choke for well over a minute.  Struve releases the body triangle and Buentello reverses Struve and lands in his guard. with 25 seconds left in the round.  The bell sounds ending the round.

The second round starts and .  Buentello lands a nice right hand.  Struve goes for a flying knee and Buentello lands a right that drops him.  Struve with a nice combo as he got to his feet.  Struve looks a bit tired and presses Buentello against the cage.  Struve drops down for a leg lock, but Buentello defends.  Buentello lands a nice right as Struve gets up to his feet.  Struve with a nice shot, but Buentello responds.  Buentello with a HUGE right as Struve attempts another flying knee.  Struve lands a right and an uppercut as Buentello lands a right.  Struve lands a big right that staggers Buentello and now it's just rock'em sock'em robot!  They both are landing huge shots back and forth.  They touch gloves in acknowledgement and nothing significant happens as the bell sounds.

The third round starts and Struve feints a knee and lands a right hand.  Nice leg kicks from Struve as Buentello countered a leg kick earlier.  Another leg kick for Struve lands...and another.  Struve with a nice right hand.  Buentello isn't offering much right now as they clinch against the cage.  Struve with a nice elbow, and Buentello fires back with a combo that glances.  Struve is landing the leg kick at will.  Buentello is trying to stalk Struve, but Struve is teeing off on Buentello's legs.  One minute left in the fight and Buentello finally checks a leg kick.  The ten second bell sounds and they start swinging for the fences as the bell sounds.  Struve defeats Buentello via majority decision.

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