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The MMA4Real Google Map Updated

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You Can View The Global Scale Here

Red Markers=MMA4Real Staff Members

Yellow Markers=MMA Fighters That Are Members Of The MMA4Real Community

Blue Markers=MMA4Real Members That Have Made At Least One Comment

I must say that we have experienced tremendous growth since I first did this the first time back in September.  In fact, the picture above is from the first screen shot I did of all of the members that had been added at the time.  So if you click on the link above, you'll get to see the difference between now and then.  Our highest concentrations seem to be on the east coast and west coast with the midwest filling in slowly but surely.  So if you visit the site regularly and don't see your name and location listed, just join the community(if you haven't) and drop your name and location in the comments section and I'll get it updated.