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Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson Is On With A Evans Win At UFC 108

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According to MMAJunkie:

If Evans can defeat Brazilian slugger Thiago Silva, the UFC president said he'll book the highly anticipated grudge match between "Rampage" and "Suga."

"I want to make that fight happen," White said.

Of course Jackson and Evans were supposed to be squaring off this weekend at UFC 107, but Jackson got a high profile role in a remake of the old "A-Team" movie.  Jackson will be playing the role of one of his idols in "Mr. T".  I know that Evans probably benefited from his time as a coach on TUF 10.  It allowed the fighter to be seen in a different light than most were accustomed to, even though he still has a lot of detractors.  However, I can't help but think that there will be a lot of fans rooting for Rashad Evans at UFC 108 when he takes on Thiago Silva.  Simply because the fight between Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson is a fight that HAS to happen.  Just for your viewing pleasure, the smack talk that happened between the two at UFC 96 can be found after the jump!