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Clay Guida Says He's Gonna Make Florian Fight His Fight

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I guess we know what that means as Guida spoke with MMAWeekly:

I’ve trained with guys who have given me that (style) and things like that and the thing is, be patient. The time is gonna come when it happens, in everybody’s fight, and I expose it in everyone, they’re gonna let their guard down. I’m gonna find it, Im gonna find their weakness in their shield, and I’m going to take them down and they’re going to be miserable. He’s one of these guys that I have to be a little more cautious. At the same time, I fight with relentless pursuit. I make guys fight my fight."

I probably haven't been entirely fair to Guida for criticizing his style as of late.  I mean you do what you have to do to win the fight, and that's what he does.  I've failed to mention that he has gone out of his usual circle of training camp/partners, and trained with Greg Jackson's team.  Guida speaks on the experience:

"Can’t say enough about being out there at Greg Jackson’s, mixing it up with some new guys, new looks, different instructors and Yoda himself, Greg Jackson," said Guida while speaking the MMAWeekly Radio crew.

"Not against anyone back at home, but it’s just that I said to myself, ‘I need to go out there and check those things out.’ I know it was a wise decision.

We saw what training with Greg Jackson has done for Jon Jones last weekend at the TUF 10 Finale.  Do you think Guida could make similar improvements to his overall game, or do you expect to see the same old Guida?  I'd vote for the latter, but maybe I'll be proven wrong?

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