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UFC 107 Preview: Mike Pierce vs. Jon Fitch

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Mike Pierce is a fighter that a lot of people don't know much about. Admittedly, I don't know much about him either other than the fact that he wrestled in college at Portland State University. Pierce comes into this fight with a career record of 9-1, with 5 of those wins coming via TKO. Pierce has been able to defeat some very good wrestlers in his last two fights in Paul Bradley and Brock Larson, but he wasn't able to finish them. He exhibited some standup ability, but he relies on his wrestling a lot. He appears to be stronger than he looks from the video I watched on him.

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Jon Fitch comes into this fight fresh off his unanimous decision win over Paulo Thiago at UFC 100. Fitch was supposed to fight Ricardo Almeida at UFC 106, but Almeida had to pull out of the fight with a knee injury. Fitch comes into this fight with a career record of 20-3. He's a well rounded fighter, but is a wrestler at heart. In fact, he's relied on his wrestling quite a bit as of late, going to a judges decision in his last five fights(4-1).

So this fight looks to be a wrestler vs. wrestler match up when you really get down to the nitty gritty. Fitch will have an advantage on the ground as I think he's more versed in submissions than Pierce is. So it's possible that Fitch will be able to get Pierce on his back and force him into a tough position where he would eventually get a rear naked choke. Then again, Fitch could use his wrestling to grind out another decision as he's done so frequently as of late. Pierce surprised a lot of people with his win over Larson, but Fitch was able to dominant well. So I doubt that Pierce would be able to control Fitch in the same fashion. I think Fitch tries to break his streak of going to the judges in this one.