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UFC 107 Preview: Kenny Florian Talks Handling "The Carpenter"

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I've been working very hard. My strength and conditioning coach and I have been working very hard during my sparring sessions, and all of my coaches have really been pushing me hard to prepare for that. They know that Clay is the kind of guy that doesn't really come with the best technique, but he's a guy that's always going to be there until the end. He can really push you and tire you out. He's beaten a lot of fighters that were technically superior to him because of that pace. I'm planning on bringing technique and pace into the cage on December 12. I'm going to be in the best shape that I can and be at the best technical level that I can. I'll do whatever it takes to get that win.

This should be a pretty entertaining fight provided Guida leaves his hug'em style in the locker room.  I expect Florian to be able to handle Guida, but I'm not sure he can finish him.  What say you?

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