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Will Massachusetts Regulating MMA Influence The State Of New York To Follow Suit?

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The bill was passed yesterday, and our very own Rich Wyatt mentioned it in a fanpost.  This was a biggie along with the state of New York, who has yet to legalize the sport of MMA.  However, one has to to think that Massachusetts deciding to regulate MMA will only influence the state of New York to do the same.  It's just over 200 miles from Boston(where the UFC will likely hold their events) to the city of New York.  The UFC has implemented studies to determine what type of economic impact that their events have on the areas to which they travel.  Those studies have shown that the UFC generates millions of dollars to the local economies when they go to a city.  It looks like the UFC will waste no time in heading to Boston according to UFC president Dana White

"I am so pumped that the UFC®  is finally coming to Massachusetts.  I guarantee that we will put on an incredible UFC® event for Boston in 2010."

So with that said, I just don't see how the state of New York will allow Massachusetts to soak up all of the revenue generated by UFC events without wanting a piece of that pie for themselves.