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Can You Classify TUF 10 As A Failure?

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This season of TUF 10 was one of the most anticipated seasons ever with the addition of internet sensation Kimbo Slice and MMA veteran Roy Nelson to the cast.  Not to mention the number of former pro football players that were added to the mix.  Then you had the coaches who were supposed to square off at the end of this season in Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans.  We know how that has turned out though with Rampage Jackson pursuing an acting career.  Now Rashad Evans will face Thiago Silva in the main event at UFC 108.  The drama is the house has been fairly entertaining as Jackson and Evans try to one up one another.  We didn't have many of the alcohol induced drunken rampages of Junie Browining from season 8.  The ratings for this season are at record highs overall when compared to seasons past.  So in that sense it was a major success.  However, the one thing that sticks out to me is the fights of this season up to this point.  I think it's safe to say that they have been of the suck.

We have Marcus Jones, Roy Nelson, Brenden Schaub, Matt Matrione, James McSweeney, and Darrill Schoonover left to determine who fights at the finale.  Is there anyone in that group that could actually make an impact in the UFC Heavyweight division?  Have the fights on this season's show had a negative impact on viewers?  What would the ratings for this show look like if Kimbo Slice were not a part of the cast? 

I'd have to say that there maybe a couple of the guys on the show that have some potential.  I really like that Demico Rogers kid, I think he could make some noise provided he has gotten with a good camp.  Roy Nelson, Marcus Jones, and Brendan Schaub could have marginal impacts with the right matchups possibly.  The ratings have been off the charts and you could possibly get a couple of decent fighters out of the fold.  So you would have to deem it a success from that standpoint.  What say you and who's your pick to win it all?  Be sure to join us here tomorrow night for the 2 hour special of TUF that will air on Spike TV to determine who will fight in the finals on Saturday.