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A Brand New Mirko Cro Cop At UFC 110

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Well, at least that's the marketing ploy he and his camp are trying to implement. I can't for the life of me remember where I read this, but someone wrote that Mirko would make an announcement about how he's re-dedicating himself back to training when it was reported he would face Ben Rothwell at UFC 110.  However, this will be like the 5th time this strategy has been used after each loss?  Check it:

"Marjan Zizanovic is no longer his boxing coach. Instead, CroCop is now working with the Dutch Muay Thai legend Ivan Hippolyte, who these days resides in Zagreb. Filipovic will combine training at his own facility with visits to the Netherlands where he can train with top-notch sparring partners," the report states.

"Igor Pokrajac, CroCop’s long-time friend and sparring partner, is also no longer in Filipovic's team. Pokrajac continues his career with the UFC, but is no longer training with Filipovic although the pair remain on good terms."

Color me skeptical.  Mirko's problem is lack of confidence/motivation coupled with aging reflexes.  Who knows, maybe the new coach can help him find confidence and motivation though?

HT: with translation via FightersOnly