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What's Next For Brett Rogers After Loss To Fedor?

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Mike Reilly(Manager) tells MMAWeekly what they would like to happen:

"We would love the experience of going to fight in Japan," he said. "And we’re on Overeem’s heels, so wherever he goes. He sets foot on American soil; we’re on him. We were supposed to fight him in September. It grates on our nerves that the champion that’s been holding his belt for the last two years hasn’t defended his belt.

"If we’ve got to go through Antonio (Silva) or Fabricio (Werdum), then that’s what we’ve got to do."  "Whoever Brett’s fighting next, they should make their peace with God."

I think a fight with Antonio Silva makes the most sense, considering they both they lost while fighting on the same card.  I doubt they'll get the Overeem fight, considering he just lost and Overeem is technically the Strikeforce champion.  Silva proved that he's a legitimate top 20 heavyweight in his close loss to Werdum, so a win for Rogers over him would be big in working back to a re-match with Emelianenko.  Also, a fight between Rogers and Silva would be fireworks with somebody going to sleep more than likely.  Who would you like to see Rogers face next?