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Mike Swick And Company Still After Matt Hughes

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Well, the only thing I know is that he definitely hasn't stepped up and fought any of us. He doesn't want to fight any of the guys from AKA. He didn't have an opponent when I needed an opponent, he didn't have an opponent when Koscheck needed an opponent and he didn't have an opponent when Fitch needed an opponent. Those are all top-level guys which he could fight, and they would be good fights.

As far as not being worthy of fighting him? That's silly to me. I don't think he beats any of us. I mean, I don't think it would even be a fight. He's a tough guy and he's a very talented fighter. The reason we wanted to fight him isn't because we're picking on him, but because he's a top-level fighter. He's one of the highest-ranked fighters and one of the most accomplished fighters in the UFC. It's out of respect that we wanted to fight him. If he doesn't think we're in his league, that's kind of crazy to me, because I don't think he could beat any of us. I just don't think he could beat us. Maybe he knows something we don't know.