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Strikeforce: Rogers vs. Emelianenko Thoughts And Recap

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First of all, I really enjoyed the show and I thought that Strikeforce did a pretty good job overall. Let's get right to the fights:

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers

-Man, I just have to tip my hat to Brett Rogers. Nobody gave him a shot at beating Fedor(including me) and the guy definitely gave Fedor a run for his money and possibly a bit more. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone ground and pound Fedor the way Rogers was doing so against the cage. He also showed the ability to escape from the kimura and armbar attempts from Fedor, so his ground game isn't non existent like most of us thought. However, Fedor is Fedor and he showed why, because the speed in which he throws his punches is absolutely incredible. It was as if he launched his entire body into that right hand that put Rogers down. It was a perfect fight for Strikeforce in that Emelianenko got a highlight reel KO,and Rogers looked very respectable against the best HW fighter of all time. They also took the time to 'build up' a possible re-match for the future. Well done.

SBN coverage of Strikeforce: Emelianenko vs. Rogers

Jake Shields vs. Jason "Mayhem" Miller

-First of all, I pretty called this fight to a tee. I knew that Shields was the much better wrestler and that Miller wouldn't be able to stop the take downs. I love good ground fights with transitions, but this fight was very lackluster IMO. Shields got the take downs but didn't do much with the positions he was given. Granted, Miller is incredibly difficult to finish, but he couldn't do any damage to Miller. I think Shields is a great fighter, but it's clear that his standup skills not where they need to beare non-existent. It'll be interesting to see who they have him face next at middleweight. However, anyone with any semblance of takedown defense could give Shields problems.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Sokoudjou

-Sokoudjou did much better in the first round than most anticipated, but as usual his cardio/heart failed him in the second round. I thought Mousasi looked 'ok', but I wasn't particularly blown away by his performance. I personally think he's too small for the light heavyweight division. However, that won't really matter with Strikeforce's lack of depth there. Sokoudjou pretty much needs to change fight camps, because Team Quest isn't working for him when he fights top competition. It was no surprise that he began to fade in the second round, and when the going got tough he simply folded.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Antonio Silva

-I think cardio was Silva's downfall in this fight. He had Werdum on the ropes in the first round, but seemed to fade in the second round and Werdum took full advantage. However, it was a pretty close fight with the difference in the fight coming down to how you scored the second round. I thought it was a very good heavyweight fight though, as we saw a little bit of everything from striking and ground transitions. It's possible that Werdum could face Fedor next, but I'm not to hype for that fight right now.

So the fights as a whole were good except for the Shields/Miller match up, but I kind of expected that fight to unfold as it did. The only question was did that fight cause casual viewers to turn the channel, and if the turned the channel did they turn it back for the Fedor fight? It's just a waiting game for the ratings to come in now. There were a couple of times where the camera angle wasn't the best, or just seemed weird to me. Maybe it was just me? I also wished they would have shown more of the entrances. As I mentioned earlier, Strikeforce couldn't have asked for a better scenario with the whole Fedor/Rogers fight. It legitimized Rogers and then solidified Fedor as a wrecking machine. Howvever, one down note is that one fight got completely canceled due to a lack of time. That's absurd, and absolutely bush league in my opinion, for Deray Davis and Mark Miller to not be able to perform after putting in full training camps. I thought the crowd was pretty good as well, other than the booing of the start of the Silva/Werdum fight. Give me your thoughts on the event.

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