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Strikeforce Results: Fedor Emelianenko KO's Brett Rogers In Rd. 2

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 This heavyweight fight was for the WAMMA heavyweight title, which honestly doesn't mean anything at all.  The fight starts and a lot of feinting and they exchange.  Fedor is bleeding from the exchange.  Fedor takes Rogers down, but Rogers bounces right back up and pins Fedor against the cage.  Rogers doing work against the cage.  Fedor lands a HUGE left hook and Rogers is hurt.  Fedor pounces and Rogers backpedals and covers up.  Fedor tries to throw Rogers down but Rogers defends.  Fedor gets the takedown.  Roger reverses, and Fedor goes for a Kimura.  Rogers defends and starts landing some huge ground and pound.  Fedor goes for an armbar but Rogers defends.  Rogers looks like he is gassing, and Fedor is bleeding heavily.  Fedor finishes the round on top of Rogers.

Rogers comes out on his toes and Fedor looks calm.  Rogers trying to work the jab.  The crowd is loud and chanting.  Fedor spins Rogers into the cage and is teeing off on Rogers, but Rogers is defending well.  Rogers now pins Fedor into the cage.  Rogers with a good knee to the body.  Fedor throws a HUGE right hand and Rogers goes down.  He's hurt and Fedor pounces!!!  The referee moves in to stop the bout.

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