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Strikeforce Results: Jake Shields Defeats Jason "Mayhem" Miller Via Unanimous Decision For Strikeforce Title

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This fight was for the Strikeforce middleweight title and it featured two guys that are polar opposites in personality.  Shields wasted absolutely no time in shooting for the take down and was successful.  He almost immediately moved to back control and then the mount position, but Miller's experience showed and he took minimal damage.  Shields clearly wanted no parts of any standup game with Miller, but he didn't do much when he got the fight down to the ground.  Miller did a great job of getting back to his feet and then he took Shields down and implemented a little ground and pound of his own.  Some transitions and then Miller got another takedown as the bell sounded. 

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The second round starts and they clinch after Miller lands some strikes.  Shields is bleeding pretty bad right over his right eye and the blood is running down the middle of his face.  The cut was a result of a headbutt.  The fight hits the ground and Shields is able to get dominant position, but isn't doing much with it.  Some nice transitions taking place, and Shields is able to obtain side control.  Miller's experience shows and he obtains half guard.  Shields has had dominant positions for much of this round but isn't doing any damage.  Miller reverses and and lands some shots.  Shields seems like he could be slowing down just a tad here. 

Miller takes Shields down immediately, but Shields gets back up and then takes Miller down.  Shields in side control, but Miller looks very relaxed as Shields isn't doing any damage.  Shields beginning to pick it up here and do some damage as he has mounted Miller.  Shields with ground and pound, and now has Miller's back.  Miller with a nice reversal.  Miller with a nice backfist that lands flush.  The referee calls time as tape from Miller's glove has come undone.  This could be really beneficial for Shields as he seems less fresh than Miller.  Action resumes, and Shields lands another take down and isn't doing any damage as the crowd begins to boo.  Miller gets back to his feet and Shields attempts another takedown, but Miller lands on top.  Miller now takes Shields back and is working for the rear naked choke.  IT'S LOCKED IN WITH SECONDS LEFT IN THE ROUND.  The bell sounds just as Shields was about to go out!

They trade strikes and Shields immediately shoots for a single leg take down and gets it.  However, he isn't doing any damage once he gets the take down.  Shields isn't doing anything but laying on Miller.  The referee warns Shields for no action and stands the fighters.  Miller lands a huge knee and a kick before Shields lands another take down and lands in side control.  He now moves into the mount and Miller rolls with Shields taking his back.  Nice transitions here and Shields is winning them, but again not doing any damage. 

The final round began and they exchange strikes.  Shields again wants no part of the standup game and takes the fight to the ground.  They've been on the ground for over a minute and Shields hasn't landed anything significant.  He mounts Miller and now takes his back.  Miller is being controlled by Shields because he has a figure four body lock.  Shields lets the figure four go, and Miller reverses but Shields scrambles back to half guard.  They get back to the feet and Shields drags Miller back down to the ground.  Jake Shields takes the unanimous decision(48-47, 49-46)(2x)