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Strikeforce Results: Gegard Mousasi Defeats Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via TKO In Round 2

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This fight was America's introduction to Gegard Mousasi, arguably the best light heavyweight not in the UFC.  Mousasi came out almost nonchalantly, but and almost smirked at Sokoudjou at times.  However, Sokoudjou didn't seem intimidated and landed a couple of shots to experience some early success against Mousasi.  Most of his success came from a 1-2 combo and finishing with a strong leg kick.  Sokoudjou whom is a judo player, finally implemented some judo in MMA competition.  In fact, he landed two judo throws against Mousasi early on.  However, Mousasi was able to reverse Sokoudjou a couple of times to end up in a dominant position.

Mousasi continued to stalk Sokoujou in the second round and landed some nice shots in the clinch.  It appeared as if Sokoudjou was beginning to fade after about a minute and a half in thru the second round.  However, Mousasi made a big mistake while attempting a take down, but Sokoudjou couldn't capatilize.  Mousasi seemed to sense that Sokoudjou was fading and just poured it on after reversing Sokoudjou on the ground.  Mousasi landed some vicious ground and pound and the referee came in to same Sokoudjou.  Mousasi wins via TKO.

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