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Could Promotion Of The Fight Affect Brett Rogers Performance Against Fedor

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Steve Cofield makes the case:

Fedor is a legend in the sport and hasn't lost since 2000, so why is Rogers the guy who is carrying the promotion? The reason is obvious. Fedor doesn't speak enough English to do television and radio interviews. So it's all been on Rogers. He did a ton of radio and newspaper spots. He also appeared on ESPN's First Take, ESPN's SportsNationand tonight he'll be seen on Last Call with Carson Daly. The ESPN appearances included a midweek trip from Chicago to Bristol, Conn.  Coker pointed out that promoting Fedor is difficult because he lives in Russia. That's all well and good but it has to be distraction for Rogers.

I would have to say that it is probably a little unfair for Rogers to have to do all of the promotion for this fight, but at the end of the day its a necessity.  Also, most of the PR work took place this week if I'm not mistaken, where the bulk of Rogers training should have been completed by now.  I doubt the PR work will have much of an effect on his performance.  It's not like he's going to have an overly complex gameplan going into the fight anyways.  If he's put in the work for this fight in the weeks prior to this week, then he should be good to go from that standpoint.  Although I will say this.  If Fedor plans to fight in America twice in 2010 like he says he is, then he needs to begin working on that English if he hasn't already done so.  Just because you are Fedor, doesn't exempt you from carrying your end of the promotion for the fight.

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