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Strikeforce Preview: Brett Rogers vs. Fedor Emelianenko

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I'm not going to do the usual preview, or the preview I've done with the other fights on this Strikeforce card. We all know the story of Fedor Emelianenko, and we know what Brett Rogers only chance of winning is...a puncher's chance.

Rogers has a couple of things going for him though in that he does possess big power, and he'll have a size advantage. He does throw straight punches when swarming forward that could beat Fedor's looping punches to the punch, and well Fedor has to lose at some point right? Brett Rogers has shown that killer instinct as well in that once he believes he has you hurt he goes to try and finish his opponents off as quick as possible. Will those qualities be enough to overcome the explosiveness, timing and experience of the smaller Emelianenko?

Rogers has been quick to point out that Fedor hasn't fought anyone like him before, but the fact of the matter is Fedor pretty much has defeated every type of fighter out there. Fighters with better standup, fighters with better ground games, fighters that were bigger, fighters that were quicker and more technical, and fighters that were better wrestlers have all fallen at the feet of "The Last Emperor". I don't see this fight being any different even though Fedor seems to be aging a bit in my eyes and becoming more vulnerable.

I see the bell sounding with Rogers possibly trying to set the tone of the fight by coming forward angling to make Fedor backpedal against the cage. However, Fedor will probably circle out which is a process that could happen a couple of times while each fighter tries to find their timing/range. However, at some point I see Fedor landing that huge lead left hook he likes to throw. He'll either finish Rogers with punches or follow him to the ground and submit him.

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