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Strikeforce: Rogers vs. Emelianenko Staff Predictions

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Brett Rogers vs. Fedor Emelianenko

Matt Bishop-Rogers had the perfect style to beat Andrei Arlovski. Unfortunately for him, that probably won't translate against Fedor, the best heavyweight in the world. Rogers isn't going to submit Fedor, he isn't going to win a decision by out-striking him. He has a punchers chance, but he is going to have to swarm Fedor to make that happen. Fedor is too technically good to not expose Rogers when he tries to swarm. Trip takedown into mount, followed by an armbar or rear-naked choke. Fedor takes it in the first round.

Charles Walker-As much as I want Fedor to lose, just to kind of cool down the hype behind him, I sadly don't see it happening on Saturday.  While I think Brett will be competitive for the small duration of the fight, I have a strong feeling it will go the same way the Fedor/Arlovski fight did with Brett getting the best of Fedor before getting clipping into unconsciousness.  This won't leave the first round fellas.

Kelvin Hunt-The only thing going for Rogers is that he has KO power and he throws straight punches when he swarms coming forward.  I expect Fedor to land that huge lead left hook at some point and then it's going to be a wrap.  I'm say second round TKO.

Rich Wyatt-Fedor by sub in the 2nd round.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Jake Shields

Matt Bishop-This is going to be an extremely interesting fight. Both men fancy themselves as ground technicians, so there's a good chance this could come down to whoever is better on the feet. We saw Mayhem in with Jacare last year and, on the ground, he certainly did not get the better of it. This one has "long fight" written all over it. Shields takes the title with a close unanimous decision win.

Charles Walker-I didn't like Jake Shields for a while, seemed cocky but dude is a beast.  I think he'll be too much for Mayhem, who will survive but only to be on the losing end of a decision.  Shields does basically everything Miller does but better.

Kelvin Hunt-This fight can either be entertaining or very boring.  I expect Miller to have the advantage in the standup, and Shields to have a slight advantage on the ground.  I doubt Shields can submit Miller, because he's incredibly difficult to finish, but I don't think Miller can stop the takedown.  Shields will probably control him for the decision win.

Rich Wyatt-Shields by sub in the 4th.

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Gegard Mousasi

Matt Bishop-Mousasi absolutely wrecked Renato Sobral in August and I'd expect this effort to be no different. Sokoudjou is an inconsistent fighter who has taken to beating up bigger but lesser skilled opponents in DREAM as of late. Mousasi is making a case to be top-10 in the world and should continue his run with a first round TKO win.

Charles Walker-This is a no brainer, unless Mousasi forgets how to fight or sticks his chin out for Sok, this one will be over relatively early.  Sokoudjou will do his same punch kick combo, Mousasi will defend, probably take him down and submit him or just beat him into a bloody pulp.

Kelvin Hunt-This is Mousasi's fight to lose.  He should take the path of least resistance and take Sokoudjou down and submit him.  There's no sense in standing with a guy like Sokoudjou if you don't have to.  Mousasi via arm triangle choke.

Rich Wyatt-Mousasi by sub in the 2nd.

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum

Matt Bishop-This is a solid heavyweight matchup and one that should look good for CBS. Antonio Silva is a very good, well-rounded fighter that many have said for a few years now could give Fedor problems. With Alistair Overeem flaking out at every opportunity, the winner of this fight could fight Fedor next. Werdum can still get hit and needs to come in shape or he'll get routed like he did against Junior dos Santos, a fight that also was in Chicago. Silva will be too much here. Silva by first round TKO.

Charles Walker-Gotta go with Werdum on this one.  He won't try to outstrike Antonio, so we know he'll do whatever it takes to get it to the ground where Silva has absolutely no chance.  I say third round submission win for Werdum.

Kelvin Hunt-I'm interested in this fight because Silva has always shown a lot of potential.  Werdum has fought against larger opponents before with success.  I just wonder what his strategy will be and if Silva will gas if this fight goes into the 3rd round?  I'm go with Werdum via Submission.

Rich Wyatt-Silva via decision

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