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Quoteworthy: Paul Daley Thinks Carlos Condit Is A Watered Down Version Of Martin Kampmann

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From MMAWeekly:

"(Carlos) is a great fight for myself.  He’s a great, game striker. Like’s to have a bang, has some good submissions, and a bit of wrestling.

"But in my opinion, he’s a slightly worse version of (Martin) Kampmann, in that I don’t think he’s as solid in every area as Kampmann is."

"Of course I think I’m going to win and of course I think I’m going to win by knockout."

Daley makes a somewhat valid point, because Condit did lose a razor(and I mean RAZOR) close decision to Martin Kampmann earlier this year.  I'm a Condit fan, but he definitely has a chance of stopping Condit.  However, on the flip side of that, Condit has tremendous heart and can never be counted out against anyone in the division.  They'll meet at UFC 108 in January.