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Report: Brock Lesnar Out Of Proposed UFC 108 Bout Against Shane Carwin

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Sources close to Brock Lesnar's camp informed tonight that Lesnar will not be able to participate in the postponed main event of UFC 108 against Shane Carwin.

Lesnar has battled an undisclosed illness for the past month that forced him to withdraw from a scheduled title defense against Carwin at UFC 106. The bout was rescheduled for UFC 108, but learned earlier this week that Lesnar has not recovered from the illness and cannot train at even a moderate page without quickly becoming exhausted.

A source close to the UFC confirmed the story while pointing out that Lesnar was never officially part of the UFC 108 card.

I made a post earlier today stating that this was a possibility, and now it looks like it has come to fruition.  According to Lesnar's head trainer, he could possibly have mononucleosis instead of what they thought was H1N1.  That's too bad for Shane Carwin.