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How Marketable Is Fedor Emelianenko In America?

New, 19 comments's Jonathan Snowden sums it all up in a nutshell after interviewing "The Last Emperor":

But who is he? What does he feel? What are his desires? Why does he step into the cage? What does he dream about at night? These questions have never really been answered? He is an enigma, the unanswerable. And it struck me, a fit of hubris, the thought that perhaps I could be the one to penetrate the protective shell that surrounds him. I could be the one to reveal Fedor to the world.

That did not happen.

I tried everything. Flattery had no effect on the man. Shared experiences? Only stoicism. Technical questions about his mastery of a myriad of martial arts? He was not interested. More flattery? Nothing. What follows was supposed to be THE Fedor Emelianenko interview. Instead, it is A Fedor Emelianenko interview. What we know about Fedor, we will continue to learn in the ring and in the cage. That's where we'll take the measure of the man.

He's pretty much on point in that every Fedor interview is just another Fedor interview.  It's as if everything is monochrome with no variation whatsoever.  There's no personality, which is something that all of the biggest stars in America possess.  It's more than just getting in the cage and destroying your opponent.  Of course that helps, but just ask Anderson Silva how difficult it's been to break through to the next level of stardom.  It's all about casual fans getting the sense of knowing Fedor Emelianenko.  Unfortunately, he will not allow that to happen because he doesn't want to be a star.

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