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North Carolina MMA: Fight To The Finish VIII

The Amateur Fight League promotion will be presenting the 8th installment of their Fight To The Finish series on November 21st, in the National Guard Armory in Greenville, North Carolina.  The doors will open at 5:30pm with the fights beginning at 7pm EST.  Your ticket information can be found here.  The event will feature 3 title fights and the entire fight card is as follows:

-Zed Mitchell(4-0) vs. David Griffin(1-1)*AFL Middleweight Title

-Casey Johnson(6-0) vs. Jason Ramos(2-2)*AFL Featherweight Title

-Jonathan Cornett(2-0) vs. Jamie Pickett(3-2)*AFL Welterweight Title

-Eric Martindale(0-6) vs. Todd Vik(0-1)

-Nate Yokomama(0-0) vs. Christopher Burns(2-1)

-Stewart Smith(0-0) vs. Dylan Senecal(0-0)

-James Crumpler(1-1) vs. Brandon Sing(0-0)

-Nicholas Morrison(0-1) vs. Brandon Moore(0-3)

-Stephen Henkel(1-0) vs. Joshua Ray(1-0)

-Jerome Butler(0-0) vs. Chad Devotie(0-0

-Robert Smith(0-0) vs. Drew Graham(0-0)

-Ryan Brunke(2-1) vs. John Perry(3-1)

-Richard Williams(0-0) vs. Archie Ford(1-1)

-Alex McDonald(1-0) vs. Dennis Wrigley(2-2)

-Brian Czarnecki(0-0) vs. Ryan Williamson(0-0)

-William Estes(4-1) vs. TBD

-Derek Nelson(0-0) vs. Jaret Smotrilla(0-0)

-Seth Leavel(0-0) vs. TBD

-Christian Brunetti(2-0) vs. TBD