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A Humble Brett Rogers Talks Fedor, Cain Velasquez, And His Own Top 5 Heavyweight Rankings

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A lot MMA fans felt that Brett Rogers was disrespectful after his KO loss to Fedor Emelianenko earlier this month.  In a recent interview, a somewhat humble Brett Rogers talks about the Fedor fight.  However, he also touches on his personal top 5 heavyweight fighters and mentions that  Cain Velasquez is the future.  Check it:

"Well he is certainly the best heavyweight in the world. But he does have weaknesses. We all do – isn’t that what makes champions great – they win even with weaknesses? They win even though they can be beat? He is not a machine.  I was never worried about getting submitted. It was funny – people outside of myself and my trainers were so worried about that; but my Jujitsu is very solid. I felt I was close to getting him on the ground; but hey the guy is really good; he got out of danger."

Here is Brett talking about his own personal top 5 list when it comes to the heavyweights:

MM: What’s your personal top-5 heavyweight list? Where do you rank yourself among the best heavyweights?

Brett Rogers: Fedor, Me, Werdum, Cain, Barnett

MM: Someone stated boldly that Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir or Cain Velasquez would simply smash you. What’s your reaction to that? What would your strategy be against Brock Lesnar?

Brett Rogers: LOL. I have a great deal of respect for Cain. I understand why Brock does not want to fight him.  I see Cain as a future world champion for sure. The rest of the question is frankly not worth answering. None of those guys will ever fight me.

HT: M-1