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The First UFC Gym Opened In Concord, California

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It actually took place last week, but due to the holidays and all I'm just now getting around to this. The San Francisco Gate covered the event:

"We're not looking to train or create fighters. We're looking to create a fun family environment," Fertitta said.

"You probably never want to get into the Octagon and get choked or punched in the face," Rowley said, "but why not get trained like the best-conditioned athletes in the world?"

I think this will work out well simply because people are influenced by what they see. I mean think about it, almost every MMA fighter in the UFC has muscles popping up everywhere and a six pack. The casual fan sees these guys and immediately runs to the gym to try to develop their physique just like them. Then you have the other portion of the population that just wants to go train UFC. However, the following is what would attract me to the gym:

So while the gym is equipped with the typical machines and treadmills, the venue seeks to distinguish itself through its mixed martial arts courses and a training curriculum inspired by UFC athletes' exercise routines.

In one room, members can train by flipping 275-pound tractor wheels or swinging ropes as thick as an arm attached to a 165-pound weight.

Fertitta said members can expect to see UFC athletes drop by the gyms for the occasional seminar or meet-and-greet and will enjoy benefits like priority access to tickets and first-look privileges to news and events.

I get bored REALLY easily when it comes to traditional ways of working out. I despise running on treadmills and doing the same old weight lifting routines had me dreading to go to the gym sometimes. The seminar/meet-and-greet/getting tickets to an event wouldn't hurt either. The UFC plans to open up around 300-400 gyms in the next 5 years or so. If they put one in your area, will you be joining as a member?