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TUF 10 Finale: John Howard Talks Dennis Hallman

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Howard spoke with about having a tough childhood, getting a haircut that looks like a tatoo.  Then he got to talk about his upcoming opponent and MMA veteran Dennis Hallman.  Hallman has been in the game a long time and is the only man to have two victories over Matt Hughes, two submisison victories at that.  Howard talksa bout what Hallman brings to the table:

Yeah his grappling man. His grappling is really top tier. He has really good… I want to call it jiu-jitsu… but, catch wrestling; which is really good, a lot of leg locks, a lot of finishes. I mean this guy finished Matt Hughes twice, so I really do respect, I respect his whole game, but I really respect his grappling game.

Howard is no slouch on the ground himself, as he's only been submitted once in his 16 fight career while having 6 wins via submission.  Howard thinks he has the edge in the striking department and speaks on why he likes fighting more experienced fighters:

I think the part of my game that will give him the most trouble is my boxing, my striking. And dealing with someone with that experience, it’s not easy, but what it is with me, I like fighting people with experience because they have control. They know what they want to do. They don’t go out there and swing wild and just do a lucky shot and hope they win. Fighting someone with control is easy because the fight goes smoother and you can see the skill sets between the fighters.  So if you’ve got one fighter who is really skilled and one fighter who is just a cowboy and just goes out there and throws blows and swings for the fences, that’s always a scary opponent, cause you never know what you’re gonna do

This fight will be one of the preliminary matches at the TUF 10 Finale this weekend, but it could make the live telecast.  Stay tuned as we preview the fights this week!