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UFC 105: The Winner Of Swick/Hardy Will Definitely Fight GSP Next?

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That's what Mike Swick says on

"The exciting thing about this fight is not only is he a good opponent – he’s a very technical striker – but he’s a game opponent," said Swick of Hardy. "He brings it, and mentally, he’s there, which is always a good sign. Another thing that’s exciting is that he has that all or nothing attitude. He’s got a lot to gain in this fight and not as much to lose because of the position that he’s in and I know I’m going to fight the most hungry and the most aggressive Dan Hardy out there. He’s gonna come at me with everything he’s got and that’s what’s gonna challenge me. The difference between Dan Hardy and me and where we rank doesn’t matter. The winner of this fight fights GSP (Georges St-Pierre), so it’s a huge reward for either one of us and there’s definitely a lot to gain."

Honestly, neither fighter has a prayer against George St. Pierre...maybe a puncher's chance?  This is just a quick reminder of just how dominant George St. Pierre has been over the past 2 years.