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Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up, A Look A December MMA

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What's up everybody?  I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.  I know its been more quiet than usual around here, but we all took time out to spend with family and whatnot through the holidays.  Things will return to normal on tomorrow.  The month of December will be upon us this week and it starts a full slate of MMA for the month.  We have the MFC 23 event on December 4th, be sure to join us here for the open thread and discussion.  Also, on December 5th we'll have the TUF 10 Finale, and we'll have an open thread and discussion for that as well.  Then the following week on December 12th, we'll have UFC 107: Penn vs. Sanchez.  We'll have an open thread and discussion for that as well.  That's a lot of MMA right?

Well, then we'll have the Strikeforce: Evolution event AND WEC 45 on December 19th going head to head.  We'll have an open thread and discussion for both events.  Then to close up the year with a bang, we'll have the Sengoku/FEG Dynamite shows and we'll have open thread and discussions for those as well. 

So we have a TON of MMA popping off this month.  If you haven't already connected with the site, I'll provide the information for you below:

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