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Dana White: They[M-1 Global] Wanted 50% Of Our Business To Sign Lesnar/Emelianenko

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UFC president Dana White addressed some of the things that came out of the M-1 Global camp via Jerry Millen.  He specifically addressed the point that Millen said they would do the Emelianenko/Lesnar fight for free.  Check it:

"They'll do the fight for free?" White asked. "That's [expletive] weird because I offered them millions of dollars to take the fight and he didn't take it. Now [Emelianenko] wants to fight for free? When and where? I'd love him to fight for free.

"I'll make that [expletive] fight right now for free. Let's do it."  "[Millen] is a [expletive] clown that talks out of his ass and has no business (discussing the negotiations)," White said. "That guy is a nobody. When we did the big Fedor negotiations, you think he was in it? He wasn't even in it. That guy's full of [expletive]. Tell him to go frost his [expletive] hair again and beat it.

"You don't think I want to make that fight? Of course I want to make that fight. But it takes two people to make a deal, not one guy." 

 "We offered [Emelianenko] lots of money – so much money that it caused lots of [expletive] with our other fighters," White said. "That's how much money we offered him. And guess what he said. 'No, we want 50 percent of your business.' That's some Russian strong-arm [expletive]. They can get away with that [expletive] out in Russia to the baker that works down the street. They're not coming to America and doing that.

"If Fedor wants to fight the best in the world, he can call right now. We can [expletive] cut a deal right this second, and we can do it."

HT: MMAJunkie/Radio transcribed by MMAJunkie