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Is Frank Mir Looking Past Cheick Kongo At UFC 107?

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Frank Mir has gone on record that a third fight with Brock Lesnar is his primary motivation to go in the gym and train.  Below Mir speaks about what Lesnar's sickness has done to him mentally and how it's affected his MMA goals:

"The long-term goal for me and my own satisfaction is to take off Brock Lesnar's arm," Mir said. "At the end of the day, that's what my goal is when I go to the gym and train. But being an interim champion would get me one step closer to doing so."

"[Lesnar's sickness] has thrown my mind for a spin," Mir said. "When you go in the gym, you've got a certain goal that you're going for and going for. Not that he was, obviously, my next opponent, but to face him again was the long-term goal – the short-term goals being obviously Cheick and whoever else. Now I've just got to turn it around that the interim would be another short-term goal."


HT: MMAJunkie
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