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Jason MacDonald Still Hoping To Return To The UFC

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I must admit that MacDonald's last performance against UFC veteran Travis Lutter was very underwhelming.  In fact, it was one of the most boring matches I've ever witnessed.  However, you'd have to place blame on both fighters as Lutter wasn't doing anything offensive after the successful take downs, and MacDonald couldn't stop them.  Almost all of MacDonald's fights in the UFC were entertaining and he's a quality gatekeeper to have as a middleweight.  He's 5-5 in his UFC career with 3 of those losses coming against top ten fighters.  MacDonald will face TUF veteran Solomon Hutcherson at the Maximum Fighting Championships 23 event next weekend.  Hutcherson has gone 5-1 since being released from the UFC following a KO loss to Luigi Fioravanti, with the lone loss coming against UFC veteran David Loiseau.  Would you like to see MacDonald return to the UFC?

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