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TUF 10 Finale Preview: Frankie Edgar Analyzes Matt Veach

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Frankie Edgar has had to deal with an opponent change for his upcoming fight at the TUF 10 finale.  He'll be facing Matt Veach, who's 11-0 and understudy of former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes.  So you know he comes from a good wrestling background.  Edgar who's no stranger to wrestling as well analyzes his next opponent for USA Today:

He's a strong wrestler. He comes from a great camp. 

His last fight, he got hurt in the fight, so he showed a lot of resiliency to bounce back. He's got a good chin and power in his hands; he was able to knock out Matt Grice after a pretty grueling, high-paced first round. 

He definitely has the tools and I'm sure he's going to improve as well. He hasn't fought since February; training under Hughes, I'm sure he's going to come out an even better fighter. 

If you had to pick one part of  his game that concerns you the most, what would it be? 

I don't know if you can pick just one, but I would say his size, his strength, his wrestling. All that put in one, and the power in his hands. So I guess the whole strength factor. 

Edgar has already faced a slew of top level wrestlers in former champion Sean Sherk, and Gray Maynard.  He pretty much dominated Sherk, probably because of the lessons learned in a decision loss to Gray Maynard beforehand.  One has to think that he's only a win or two away from a title shot, just behind Gray Maynard.  He just needs to get past this hungry up and comer next weekend.   

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