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Presenting: 'The Turkeys'

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MMA has seen its fair share of turkeys this year. Whether it be Fedor Emelianenko and M-1 Global rejecting a great offer from the UFC, to Affliction canceling its third event following Josh Barnett's positive steroid test or Karo Parisyan getting suspended following his UFC 94 win and then backing out of his UFC 106 fight the day before the weigh-in due to his personal issues, there have been a host of people and promotions going "gobble, gobble" this year.

So that's why we ask YOU, the MMA For Real reader, this question: Who/what is the biggest turkey in MMA this year? Above is just a sampling of things to choose from. Are you unhappy with Rampage Jackson's retirement? The judges who have come back with several bad verdicts this year? Does Thales Leites still bug you? Let it be known!

Name one, two or three turkeys and we'll take a look at the comments and award the Turkeys of 2009 in a few days.

Blast away!