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MMA4Real December Welterweight MMA Rankings

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Fighter Last Ranking
1. George St. Pierre 1
2. Jon Fitch 2
3. Thiago Alves 4
4. Josh Koscheck 5
5. Matt Hughes 6
6. Carlos Condit 7
7. Paul Daley 8
8. Dan Hardy Unranked
9. Mike Swick 7
10.Martin Kampmann 10

Quick Notes:

-#2 Jon Fitch will be facing unranked Mike Pierce at UFC 107

-#4 Josh Koscheck beat up Anthony Johnson at UFC 106

-#5 Matt Hughes moves up with Jake Shields being taking out of the welterweight rankings and Swick losing to Dan Hardy.

-Condit and Daley move up as a result of Shields being dropped.

-#8 Dan Hardy breaks into the top ten after beating Mike Swick at UFC 105.