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Greenville, North Carolina: Fight To The Finish 8 Quick Results

The Fight To The Finish 8 event took place this past Saturday in Greenville, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory.  The event saw David Griffin knockout Zed Mitchell in the middleweight title fight.  The full results are below:

-David Griffin defeated Zed Mitchell via KO in Rd. 1

-Ryan Brunke defeated Jonathan Cornett via Submission(armbar) in Rd. 2

-Christopher Burns defeated Nate Yokoyama via Submission(guillotine) in Rd. 2

-Matthew Coakley defeated Dylan Senecal via TKO(ref stoppage) in Rd. 2

-James Crumpler defeated Seth Leavel via Submission(arm triangle choke)

-Nicholas Morrison defeated Eric Martindale via TKO in Rd. 2

-Jerome Butler defeated Chad Devotie via Submission(armbar) in Rd. 2

-Robert Smith defeated Drew Graham via Submission in Rd. 2

-Ryan Williamson defeated Brian Czarnecki via TKO in Rd. 1

-Derek Nelson defeated Jaret Smotrilla via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 2

-Christian Brunetti defeated James Andrews via Submission(RNC)

-Johnny Simmerman defeated Keola Ikeda via TKO(Ref stoppage) in Rd. 1