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Amir Sadollah: Eventual Contender Or Pretender?

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Amir Sadollah seems like he's been around forever, despite only having 3 official fights on his resume. Sadollah turned in a pretty good performance against Phil Baroni at UFC 106. The only problem was in fact that it was against Phil Baroni, so it's difficult to get a good gauge of what Sadollah is capable of right now. It's clear that he has a good motor, good striking, and we know he's versed in submissions as well. However, how will he fair once he begins to take that leap up in competition in the stacked UFC welterweight division?

Also, Baroni's game plan is text book. He comes out guns blazing the first couple of minutes, and he's all yours once you weather that storm. The thing that concerns me is that Baroni was actually getting the better of the exchanges in the first round of the fight at UFC 106. I think he hurt Sadollah in that first round, even though Sadollah persevered and finished the round strong. I don't know if that was a by-product of poor game planning or Baroni simply imposing his will in the early stages of the round. However, other than that(and giving up those takedowns) I think Sadollah turned in a good performance. Which he definitely needed coming off the loss to Johny Hendricks at UFC 101. Sadollah's 29 years old and does possess a fairly well rounded skill set. I just don't know if it's enough to become a contender in a division full of good wrestlers and submission defense. What do you think? Will he be an eventual contender of is he a pretender?