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UFC 106 FallOut: Let's Play Match Maker

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I thought this would be fun after watching UFC 106 this past weekend.  There were some fighters that I could care less who they fought next, but there are a couple that I'm very interested in seeing who they fought next.  Of course, what we say probably won't matter in the least bit, but it would provide a good snap shot of what MMA fans want to see next for each fighter.  So I'm go through each fighter that fought on UFC 106 and provide a list of opponents that I would like to see him fight next.  Check it all out after the jump:

-Forrest Griffin:  I've seen several others say this and I'm in agreement for sure.  I think Forrest should fight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira next.  They both are top ten LHW's and Griffin would be a step up from Cane, as well as good exposure for Nogueira if he got the win.

-Tito Ortiz:  It definitely isn't Griffin!  Nah, Tito needs a win very badly and probably needs to knock off some more cage rust.  He was competitive with Griffin, but I think their styles make that fight competitive and nothing more.  I'd like to see Ortiz face Luiz Cane.

-Josh Koscheck: Jon Fitch and that is all.

-Anthony Johnson:  I'd like to see him face another good wrestler that can take a punch.  I wanna know if Johnson can handle being taken down and surviving on the ground before I call him a legitimate contender.  Brian Foster.

-Paulo Thiago: It's clear that Thiago is legit now.  I wasn't giving him the credit he deserved, but he showed he has skills.  The winner of Condit/Daley would be good.

-Kendall Grove: This guy is an enigma.  Sometimes he looks good....other times not.  He'll never be a contender at middleweight imo...Let's match him up with Michael Bisping and see what's what.

-Ben Saunders: Killa B looked impressive against Marcus Davis.  His size poses problems for a lot of guys.  I don't know who I would want to see him fight next.  I'd almost like to see a re-match Swick...but that's too soon.  Maybe the loser of Condit/Daley would be fun.

Let's see what yall working with.