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UFC 106 FallOut: Would You Want To See Ortiz/Griffin 3?

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Tito Ortiz wants another fight against Forrest Griffin, and he let it be known at the UFC 106 post-fight press conference that he wants it soon. Ortiz won a close split decision against Forrest Griffin back at UFC 59. However, Ortiz was on the other end of a close split decision at UFC 106. This second fight was much like the first in that Griffin won the majority of the stand up exchanges, and Ortiz won the majority of the fight when it went to the ground. Both fights have been mildly entertaining I suppose, but do we really want to see a third match? I know it's customary for a third fight to take place when the first two have been split between the two fighters, but I'm not sure I'd want to see a third fight. Check it:

-A third fight has no meaning other than settling the rubber match. Forrest is a top ten LHW. Why waste a fight?

-The fight is guaranteed to go to the judges once again. Forrest can't KO Tito or sub him, and Forrest is experienced enough now that Tito can't TKO him with GnP or sub him either.

I wanna hear from you. Would you want to see Oritiz/Griffin 3?

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