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MMA4Real: UFC 106 Post Fight Analysis And Recap

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-Well, it appears that Tito Ortiz is basically the same fighter post back surgery as he was pre-back surgery.  Or could you blame it on the cage rust?  I'm sure that's what Tito will do, but it's clear that he doesn't have much left to offer.  I will say that his shot(although he shot from too far way) looked a bit more explosive early on.  However, Tito basically gassed near the end of the second round and had absolutely NOTHING in the 3rd round.  I think he just wanted to survive.  Also, so much for training with Freddy Roach to improve his standup.  It was still the same old Tito in that area as well.  No power, slow, and basically inaccurate.

-Most people are probably praising Forrest Griffin for getting the win.  However, you won't find me doing it.  Forrest is supposed to be a top 5 light heavyweight.  Yet, he couldn't put away Tito Ortiz in that final round.  I mean he won the fight via split decision.  A split decision against a guy that hasn't fought in 18 months, and is coming off major back surgery just isn't cutting it in my opinion.  Color me unimpressed with his performance.

-Anthony Johnson fought well, considering what Josh Koscheck brings to the table.  I don't know what was up with the whole eye poke/supposedly illegal knee stuff.  However, Koscheck finally exhibited the skills we all know he had in regards to his wrestling.  Thank GOD he didn't try to strike with Johnson the entire time.  I think this will be a good learning experience for Johnson.  What in the world was Koscheck doing trying to call the shots in his post fight interview?

-Volkmann could have won that fight.  I picked him to win it, but I must say I was finally impressed with Thiago.  He showed that he could strike, and we all know he's good on the ground. 

-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira opened up A LOT of eyes.  I thought he would beat Cane simply because Cane takes too much damage in his fights.  However, the left hook that Nogueira kept rocking Cane with was a thing of beauty!  That's how you introduce yourself in your UFC debut.  Well done Rogerio.

-Baroni has madd heart.  That's about it though.  I have no idea how Amir didn't finish him. 

-Ben Saunders looked good against Marcus Davis.  I never expected him to manhandle Davis the way he did.  That was a nice bounce back win for him after losing to Swick at UFC 103.

-Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE the preliminary fights airing on Spike TV?  We got to see 9 fights.  Chea!

Overall, I enjoyed the event.  It was also great to finally meet Rich and to hang out with he and Charles. 

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