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UFC 106 Results: Josh Koscheck Submits Anthony Johnson Via Rear Naked Choke In Rd. 2

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 The fight starts and Johnson throws a jab and misses.  Koscheck feints a shot and lands a left hook.  Koscheck with an inside leg kick.  Johnson answers with one of his own.  Koscheck with a big overhand right.  Johnson with a jab that lands.  Johnson with an inside leg kick.  Johnson lands and Koscheck retreats back.  Koscheck shoots with double underhooks and tries for a take down.  But is unsuccessful. Koscheck with a leg, but Johnson defends.  The referee threatens to stand the fight up.  Johnson hits Koscheck with what appears to be an illegal knee.  The referee calls time out.  Action resumes.  Johnson is attacking with leg kicks and is scoring at will.  Koscheck shoots with a powerful take down.  The cage saves Johnson from a take down.  Koscheck gets the take down and then takes Johnson's back.  He's working for a rear naked choke.  Johnson defends. Johnson is working to get back to his feet as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Johnson lands a couple of leg kicks.  Johnson gets poked in the eye, but is ok.. Koscheck with a head kick and another punch that lands.  Now Johnson is poked in the eye.  He's ok.  They trade back in forth in the middle of the cage and both land bombs!!!  Koscheck shoots with a take down and is successful.  Koscheck reigns down some elbows against Johnson and now Johnson is bleeding.  Johnson could be in trouble.  Koscheck seems to be looking for an arm triangle, but now has Johnson's back.  Koscheck looking for the rear naked choke.  HE HAS IT...Johnson is trying to hold on....he taps!  Koscheck defeats Anthony Johnson via Submission in Rd. 2

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