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UFC 106 Results: Paulo Thiago Outlasts Jacob Volkmann Via Unanimous Decision

The fight starts and Volkmann lunges forward with a 1-2 and misses.  Thiago throws a headkick that's partially blocked by Volkmann.  The clinch and Volkmann is trying some dirty boxing.  Thiago with a take down and lands in side control.  Volkmann regains half guard and now gets back to his feet.  Thiago with another takedown and lands in the mount.  Volkmann does a good job of getting it back to half guard.  Thiago with short elbows from the top.  Volkmann with full guard now and now back to his feet.  Volkmann shoots for a takedown and Thiago sprawls nicely.  They clinch against the cage and and trade knees.  Volkmann with a good 1-2 punch that scores.  Thiago scores with a nice combo that drops Volkmann as the bell sounds. 

Thiago lands a nice shot.  Volkmann goes back against the cage.  Volkmann with a takedown into side control.  Volkmann controlling Thiago nicely and scoring with punches from the top.  They are back up to their feet now against the cage.  Volkmann with some dirty boxing in the clinch.  Volkmann gets hit with a kick but responds with a takedown and now has Thiago's back.  Thiago reverses and reigns down a big punch.  Volkmann stifles Thiago on the ground.  Thiago stands and reigns down another big punch as the bell sounds. 

The last round starts and Thiago tags Volkmann.  Volkmann goes down and Thiago with north/south position but nothing doing.  They are back up on the feet and Volkmann shoots, but Thiago defends well.  Volkmann gets the takedown now and lands into side control.  Volkmann acheives the crucifix position and is landing some punches on Thiago.  Thiago rolls and Volkmann takes his back.  Volkmann loses the position but sneaks in a D'arce choke. It's locked in....but Volkmann isn't strong enough to hold it and he lets it go.  Thiago now in top position and that's how the fight ends.  Paulo Thiago wins a unanimous decision.

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