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UFC 106 Results: Amir Sadollah Works Phil Baroni For A Unanimous Decision Win

Phil Baroni comes out to "Bad To the Bone" ands seems to be enjoying himself.  Amir comes out and seems pretty focused before the fight starts.  Phil Baroni comes out and swarms on Sadollah and lands several shots.  Amir clinches, but Baroni lands some nice punches.  Sadollah with a good knee and Baroni responds with punches of his own.  Baroni with a good knee, Sadollah responds.  Baroni with big body shots, and Amir is trying to work the clinch.  Baroni throwing more punches and landing but seems to be slowing down.  Baroni shoots for a take down and gets it.  Baroni with top control and Amir pivots for a armbar.  Baroni defends and lands some ground and pound.  They stand back up and Baroni looks tired here.  Sadollah lands a big knee and a straight right.  Baroni is cut now and bleeding and is taking big knees in the clinch.  Baroni shoots for a take down, but Amir defends and lands some knees as the bell sounds.

Amir lands a leg kick and Baroni tries to swarm, but is gassed.  Amir gets the clinch and lands a couple of shots on Baroni.  Baroni with a big right hand.  Baroni ducks a right hand from Amir and clinches.  Baroni with a knee, but Amir lands several front kicks and an inside leg kick.  Baroni responds with a combo of his own.  They clinch against the cage and Amir lands some solid elbows and knees to the body.  Baroni takes a big deep breath and the clinch again.  Amir with a head kick that's blocked by Baroni, but lands a leg kick.  Baroni with a right hand.  Amir lands a flying knee and they clinch afterwards.  Amir with an a good elbow to the head from the clinch.  Baroni lands a right hand and a short combo.  Amir answers with a leg kick.  Baroni is visibly tired, but is showing a lot of heart.

The third round starts and Amir lands a leg kick and another.  Baroni tries to answer with a right hand.  Amir with a left right combo and a knee.  Amir runs at Baroni and lands a hard kick to the leg.  Amir with a front kick and then a super man punch.  Amir with solid elbows in the clinch and Baroni is cut near his hair line.  Amir is working Baroni over in the third round.  Baroni with a punch to the body lands.  Amir responds with a front kick.  Amir coming forward and is putting on a muay thai clinic.  Baroni is showing tons of heart, but Amir is just dominating the action here.  Baroni going for broke and misses wildly.  Amir with the clinch and knees and elbows are pounding Baroni as the bell sounds.  Amir wins a unanimous decision over Phil Baroni.

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