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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Will Be Back Sooner Than Later From The Staph Infection

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Earlier this week we reported that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had to pull out of his scheduled matchup against Cain Velasquez at UFC 108 with a staph infection.  According to his twin brother Rogerio(who's making his UFC debut tonight at UFC 106), he'll be back training in a couple of weeks:

"Rodrigo will leave the [staph] infection to heal for about 15 or maximum 20 days. He's good. The arm is already deflating, it had swollen as much as it was going to," he told Brazilian site Terra, adding that he is not sure when his brother will be fit to fight.

 "You have to wait for the infection to recede before returning to training. I do not know if he will be ready in time to fight at UFC 109 but within a few weeks he will return to training," he explained.

This has to be good news for the UFC as things seemed to be on the down slide earlier this week.  They had the news with Lesnar, as well as Shane Carwin being injured alongside of the news with Nogueira being out.  Now Lesnar seems to be doing better, and Carwin just needs to rest his strained knee for a couple of weeks.  So these three fighters could all be getting back into the action relatively around the same time.  I know the UFC is working on switching a couple of fights around in hopes of mending the wounds until these guys get back.  If everything holds to course, they just might make it through these tough times relatively unscathed. 

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