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News And Tidbits From UFC 106 Q&A With Dana White

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Dana White and Cain Velasquez did a Q&A session with UFC fight club members for UFC 106.  It was no surprise that Dana White got like 98% of the questions directed toward him.  Sorry  Anyways, a recap of what was talked about can be found below. 

-Talked about Lesnar's situation.  Of course he's home now, but White said that he'll be going to the Mayo clinic for a battery of tests.  Once they know what's up with that...they'll decide if they will do a interim title.

-Zuffa just signed a new deal with Versus, therefore, if there is a merger between the WEC/UFC, it will not take place for quite a while.

-Rashad Evans will fight Rampage Jackson next, if he gets past Thiago Silva at UFC 108

-On women's MMA, Dana's open to doing a women's TUF if the talent were available.  However, he doesn't feel that it is...which is why you haven't seen women's MMA in the UFC.  Once there are enough credible women fighting, he's definitely interested in women's MMA.

Cain Velasquez was asked about fighting Fedor, and of course they asked Dana about Fedor.  However, it was the same ol same ol there.  They also asked about the Vera/Couture fight(male version) and again White reiterated that he thought Couture won it.  However, he hasn't gone back to re-watch the fight. 

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