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Josh Neer Dislikes Fighting Guys That Play It Safe And Will Return To The UFC After Getting Some Wins

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One of our readers posted that Josh Neer had been released from his UFC contract in the fanpost section a couple of days ago.  Neer's manager Mickey Dubberly wants us to know that Josh will be back in the UFC with a couple of wins, but he dislikes fighting guys that don't want to stand and bang with him:

"Unfortunately Josh was matched up with fighters that wanted to take him down and lay on him to grind out a victory. If you are going to take Josh down then at least try to finish him, just don’t lay on him and hold him down. Most fighters are not going to want to stand and bang with Josh, and they just want to play it safe, hold him down, and get the win. Josh wants to put on exciting fights, and there is nothing more frustrating to Josh than not to put on an exciting fight for the fans."

"Right now we have a few offers from different organizations that want to sign Josh immediately so we are just weighing our options, and going with the best opportunity for Josh. Josh will be back in the UFC after he wins a few fights outside the UFC. We appreciate all the support Josh’s fans have given him."

I love Josh Neer and I'm a fan of the guy.  However, takedown defense and/or learning how to get back to your feet after being taken down is your friend.  That is all.