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Has Strikeforce/CBS/Showtime Done A Good Enough Job Of Promoting?

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Well, this Saturday is the big day and we get to find out if Strikeforce is going to sink or swim so to speak.  They will have their 'trump card' front and center for everyone to see in Fedor Emelianenko.  I say trump card not because of his ability draw eyeballs, but because had Strikeforce lost Fedor to the UFC it would have already been a wrap for them.  Yesterday, Brett Rogers and Fedor Emelianenko were at the Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns football game doing some PR for their upcoming match on Saturday.  The event will take place just outside of Chicago so being at the football game made sense.  Strikeforce and CBS have put together some ad spots and a couple of viral videos to promote the event, but I really haven't seen too much other than that.  Also, I don't feel as if there's any REAL hype for this event although I could be wrong.  I mean I'm genuinely excited for it, but every casual fan I talk to has been like...what?  Has Strikeforce/CBS done a good enough job of promoting the event?  Zach Arnold chimes in:

Out of all the NFL games this week to watch, Chicago/Cleveland was probably one of the worst games to choose in terms of viewership. (The worst game for viewership this week, no doubt, was Carolina/Arizona because the game only aired in those two local markets and not nationally.) Outside of those two local markets, there is only one major reason why any fan outside of those geographical areas is watching that game — gambling. You only cared about that game (if you aren’t a fan of either team) because the spread was 12 1/2 points and the over/under was 40 1/2. That’s it. That’s the only reason you cared about that game. If CBS was truly serious about promoting the Strikeforce event, we would have seen a torrent of advertising for the show on the other marquee games that the network had (including Denver/Baltimore, Miami/Jets, SD/Oakland, Houston/Buffalo, so on and so forth). 10 seconds ads ain’t going to cut it.

First of all, he needs to quit knocking my beloved Panthers like that even though they suck something serious(even though they won).  However, I think he has a point not to mention the length of the ads that have been going up.  Showtime is doing the Fight Camp 360 show, so that's cool but how many people will get to see that with Showtime's limited amount of subscribers?  What about the other fights on the card like Jake Shields vs. Jason Miller, or Gegard Mousasi vs. Sokoudjou? 

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