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TUF 10: Marcus Jones Talks Pressure To Win For Team Jackson

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All the pressure falls on me now to get Team Rampage a win.

Through the magic of television, many people don’t realize this, but I was actually in the locker room getting ready to fight during Rampage’s explosion following the loss.  I fought on the same day. 

All I heard was this thunderous noise that made it seem like everyone was fighting.  Rampage came into the locker room pissed and sweating.  I walk out and see the door.  It was insane.  It was a stressful situation, considering it was my first-ever fight in the UFC.  It messed a little with my pre-fight mind state. 

We will see if I was able to get over it next week during episode 8.

Marcus Jones talks about the latest episode of TUF 10 to air on Spike.  Do you think the North Carolina native gets the win, or does Rashad and company complete the sweep?