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Strikeforce Preview: Tyron Woodley vs. Rudy Bears

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The main event of the Strikeforce show on Friday night will feature one of the fastest rising welterweight fighters out there in Tyron Woodley.  He'll be facing Rudy Bears, an M-1 and Freestyle Cage Fighting veteran that comes into this fight with an overall record of (10-3).  Admittedly, I don't know much about him, but he seems to be pretty well rounded with 4 wins via TKO and 4 wins via submission.  However, he's been submitted in all 3 of his losses and that happens to be an area that Woodley favors.  Bears has been able to put together 6 wins in a row(3 in 2009 alone) and looks to derail the Woodley hype train.

Woodley comes into this event fresh off a dominating win over MMA veteran Zach Light back in September.  Woodley's overall record stands at (4-0) with all four wins coming via submission.  Woodley was a standout wrestler for the University of Missouri, but has become a pretty well rounded fighter in a short period of time.  Against Light he exhibited good standup skills, explosive take downs, and very good transitions on the ground.  You can see a pre-fight interview with Woodley, as he goes over his thoughts going into this fight. 

This is clearly a fight that he should win and another chance to get some valuable experience before moving on up against tougher opposition.  I expect him to continue his trend of submission wins here and if you haven't had a chance to see him fight?  Make sure you check it out tomorrow night on Showtime, and join us for the Strikeforce open thread and discussion at 11pm EST.

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