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Is Jose Aldo The Next Big Thing In The Featherweight Division?

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He sure looked like it against Mike Brown at WEC 44. A lot of people thought Brown's size and wrestling would be too much for Aldo to overcome(myself included).  I wrote that he would have a huge speed advantage, and that's likely what was the difference in the fight.  That, and Aldo's ability to keep the fight standing.  I thought Brown would be much larger than Aldo, but I noted the small size difference in the open thread and discussion.  Aldo seemed almost just as big as Mike Brown during the stare down.  He fought smart and when the opportunity to end the fight presented itself, he capitalized big time.  We know Aldo is outstanding on his feet, and appears to be just as quick on the ground.  The way he took Brown's back and went straight to work was impressive in my opinion.  Is he the next great featherweight champion at only 23 years of age, or was he just a bad stylistic match up for Mike Brown?  We all know that styles make fights.  I'm sure Urijah Faber is just giddy this morning, knowing that he probably has a clear path to another title shot now.  How would Aldo fare against someone like a Urijah Faber or Josh Grispi?  Fighters that could potentially match his speed and/or power?  Let's hear your thoughts.

SBN coverage of WEC 44: Brown vs. Aldo