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In Depth Analysis: Mike Brown vs. Jose Aldo At WEC 44

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The main event at WEC 44 is fairly similar to the main event of UFC 105 in regards to gameplanning. However, there will be no questions of if the challenger lacks the killer instinct to win in this one. This fight will be a classic case of size vs. speed. We're going to take a look at what each fight brings to the table, and determine just how the fight could potentially go down on tonight. Check it all out below:

Mike Brown

Mike Brown brings a wealth of experience with him into the cage. He's known for incredible power, being a huge featherweight, and a much improved submission game. Below you'll find Brown's keys to victory:

SBN coverage of WEC 44: Brown vs. Aldo

-Close the distance

-Put Aldo against the cage and put him on his back

-Aldo's never fought for 25 minutes, make him work from his back and keep the pressure on.

That's pretty much it, simple and effective. Mike Brown has big power in his hands, but there's no reason for him to try and strike with Jose Aldo. There's no way he could match Aldo's speed and accuracy. Actually, Brown was getting bested on the feet by Urijah Faber in their last match up until Faber injured his hands. I've watched a lot of footage on Aldo, and I think he's ever quicker than Faber. So Brown should close the distance to negate Aldo's impressive standup abilities. Put him against the cage and then take him to the ground and make him work from his back. With his size and strength he should be able to wear the smaller Aldo down and grind out a decision, or make Aldo make a mistake in the later rounds and finish him then.

Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo brings an almost flawless record with him into this fight with Mike Brown. At 23 years of age, Aldo could very well be the future of this division. He's known for his incredible speed, KO power, and is a BJJ blackbelt. Below you'll find Aldo's keys to victory:

-Establish his range early

-Avoid situations where he's on his back

-If taken down, get back up to his feet.

Aldo will have a big advantage on the feet if he can keep this fight standing. If he is taken down, I don't think he should waste time and energy trying to submit Mike Brown from his back. I know he's a BJJ blackbelt, but his chance of winning this fight is on the feet. Also, he'll need to get this fight over will fairly quickly. The longer this fight goes, the more if benefits Mike Brown due to his size. We know Mike Brown can go 25 minutes against a explosive guy, but what does Aldo's cardio look like?


-Can Aldo stop the takedown?

-Aldo's Cardio

-Can Aldo get back to his feet if taken down?

The Fight Itself

As I mentioned earlier, this fight is really similar to the Couture/Vera fight at UFC 105. Brown will want to crowd, and Aldo will want space to operate. I really think Mike Browns' size is going to be a big factor in this fight. I just don't know if the smaller Aldo can cope with it. IF Aldo can find his rhythm and keep his distance, I think he can win this fight. I don't think we'll see a bunch of single/double legs from Brown out of respect for Aldo's ability to land those devastating knees when guys shoot in. I think Brown will use the cage, and try to pin Aldo there while eventually landing the take down.

Ultimately, I think Brown could possibly win a decision, or tire Aldo out as the fight goes on and finishes him late via KTO.