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WEC 44: Aldo vs. Brown Staff Predictions

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Jose Aldo vs. Mike Brown

Charles Walker-Tough, tough fight to call, how will Brown deal with the explosiveness of Aldo and how will Aldo deal with the size of Brown.  Something tells me this won't go further than 3rd round in which Brown's size will come in to play and TKO Aldo

Rich Wyatt-Mike Brown by decision

Kelvin Hunt-I've gotta say I've watched like a gazillion highlights of Jose Aldo destroying guys.  He very well may catch Mike Brown shooting in for a take down.  However, I think Brown will crowd Aldo against the cage and possibly take him down from there.  No way he gives him space to get off with the blazing speed that he has.  Once Brown gets him down, can Aldo get back up withe the size advantage that Brown has?  I say no.  Brown via decision.

Leonard Garcia vs. Manny Gamburyan

Charles Walker-Another good, close fight, if it stays standing Garcia definitely could put Gamburyan away however I think Gamburyan will muscle this to the ground and work hard for a decision.

Rich Wyatt-Garcia by TKO in the 2nd

Kelvin Hunt-I can see Garcia winging punches only to be taken down to the ground by Gamburyan and smothered for 3 rounds.  I don't see Garcia subbing him, so I'm go with Gamburyan via decision.

Rob McCullough vs. Karen Darabedyan

Charles Walker-Easily Razor Rob by TKO, probably 2nd round

Rich Wyatt-McCullough by decision

Kelvin Hunt-Tough one to call...I know very litte about Darabedyan.  McCullough seems hesitant and unwilling to go for the kill.  Darabedyan supposedly is well rounded....ehh...I'll go with McCullough via decision.

Danny Castillo vs. Shane Roller

Charles Walker-Another hard one to pick but I think Roller will come away with the victory for some reason, this is a pick 'em in my opinion though, so I'll say Roller by decision

Rich Wyatt-Castillo by submission in the 1st

Kelvin Hunt-I'm going with Castillo via TKO Rd. 2

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